4 Reasons To Use a Virtual IT Security Services Guard on Your Property

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    Use a Virtual IT Security Services Guard on Your Property

    The virtual IT security services help you in protecting everywhere either at home or in your organization. In addition to being easier to maintain than traditional guards, this remote guarding system will save your company money.

    There Putting a virtual security guard on your team can help you improve your business’ security. With this system, you will have remote access to trained security officers, video technology, and use the internet to observe your home or business.

    The company will save money because recruiting costs and maintaining a security team are eliminated. Having a virtual security guard will allow you to monitor the entire property and keep track of everyone, so your property will never be left unattended. To protect your business, here are a few reasons why you should invest in a virtual guard.

    The risk of liability is reduced:

    The liability risks you face when you hire employees to handle your business’s security are enormous. Your security guards or visitors to your property may be injured during security operations.

    During employment, a security guard may suffer an injury that requires compensation. You might also end up in court if your security officer hurts a customer. As such unforeseen expenses are made to eat into profits, business growth can be hundred.

    As the system does not pose the same danger to people on your premises, remote surveillance guards can minimize such liability risks for your business.

    IT Security Services help to reduce Cost:

    Virtual guards monitor all activities within the building and scan the entire property as well. In comparison with traditional guards, remote guard systems require fewer resources to operate. By eliminating the need to hire and maintain a security team, your company can boost its bottom line.

    Personnel surveillance Improved:

    Monitoring and recording employee activity at your facility is possible with a virtual security guard system. Providers will be able to provide you with customized information and video footage.

    Information about arrivals and departures of employees is useful for tracking and monitoring after-hours contractors such as cleaners and landscapers. Hence, a recorded video recording of an altercation between employees can help you resolve such matters if there is an altercation.

    Real Time Video Surveillance:

    Real-time video surveillance can strengthen security on site. In the best position on your property, your security provider may be able to install video cameras. By using remote guard technology, law enforcement agencies can deter crime, monitor criminal activity, and respond quickly in case of an emergency.

    Improved security onsite:

    Security companies have more efficient surveillance options thanks to advances in video and internet technology. Your business property’s video cameras are connected to the internet, and a security expert observes the situation on large screens.

    Innovative technology on the cameras creates realistic images on the screen. Therefore, the security cameras cover a wide area. Some systems track suspicious behavior in public with the use of AI. It is more efficient to have a guard walk through your facility than to use real-time security surveillance.

    IT Security Specialist:

    The security specialist in charge can contact law enforcement if there is a security incident or send a response dispatch to the scene. To enhance the success of emergency response, law enforcement has access to comprehensive details via a remote guard. Many virtual guard systems have speakers that can communicate with outside parties to warn criminals.


    The security team at Zealous Systems is ready to assist you if you want to bolster security at your business or residence in Bhutan. We are an end-to-end IT security services provider who is passionate about security, which is why we have provided customers with top-notch security solutions for years. Contact us today for the best property’s virtual security solutions available.

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