6 Easy Steps to Write an Outstanding Essay

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    One of the most dreadful tasks for every student is to write a well-structured essay. With their lack of knowledge, students cannot write a perfect essay and often seek essay help from professionals. In addition, several scholarship examinations or entrance tests demand an outstanding essay from students to qualify. In this situation, students tend to feel overwhelmed and cannot write what is expected of them.

    Following some simple steps, you can quickly draft a successful essay and submit it for whatever purpose be it.

    Essay And Its Types

    An essay is usually a long piece of writing that outlines a writer’s perspective or some story. Essays are academic papers that almost every student has to write in their academic career. In addition, students are assigned essays by their teachers to test their creative and analytical skills. The different kinds of essays are:

    • Narrative Essay

      This type of essay is written when a writer wants to narrate an incident or story from their point of view. This type of essay aims to involve the readers in the story or piece of writing as the narrator narrates his perspective. Try to make your narrative essay as accurate as possible; make it interactive and exciting. It would be best if you involved the reader in your narrative essay.

    • Descriptive Essay

      In this type of essay, the writer broadly describes an object, place, incident from their memory. However, you must remember that it is not just simply telling things. As a writer, you have to be as creative as possible. Describe the incident as if you are painting an image of your past. If you can successfully write down a perfect descriptive essay, the reader can feel all the emotions you had felt earlier.

    • Expository Essays

      In this type of essay, the writer presents a balanced study of an exciting topic. You need to have extensive knowledge of the topic if you write an expository essay. There is no scope to express your feelings through this essay, but the writing has to be based on statistics and facts.

    • Persuasive Essays

      The primary purpose of this essay is to gain the reader’s support in your arguments. A persuasive essay is not just a presentation of facts, but it convinces the reader of the writer’s point of view.

    The Tricks To Writing A Perfect Essay

    1. Pick a Topic

    You may have an assigned topic, or you are free to choose a topic. If the topic is already given, think about the type of essay you want to produce. Should it be a narrative essay, descriptive essay, or persuasive essay. Narrow down your focus and pay attention to the topic.

    If you are not assigned a topic, there is a significant benefit on your side. Although, you have to researchto understand which topic will be interesting for the readers. Collect some topics after going through several sources. Then, evaluate the topics and choose the one that interests you the most.

    2. Prepare An Outline

    The trick to writing a good essay is to organize your thoughts. Taking ideas from your head and putting that in the paper will help you connect the links between the concepts. Write down your topic on top of a page, and below it, begin to list down your ideas.

    As you list down the main ideas, make sure to list down other smaller ideas that connect to the main idea. Doing this will allow you to see the connection and help you to organize the essay slowly. Do not dismiss any ideas; include everything in the outline.

    3. Write Your Statements

    After choosing a topic and researching, it’s time to write down your statements. The ideas that you have collected have to be appropriately structured in this part. Try to be creative; there are no boundaries for format in creative writing. The first paragraph is the introduction, where the writer introduces his topic.

    As you write the introduction, be precise about the topic and creative. Do not make it very long. An important strategy is to engage your readers through an interesting question.

    4. Write The Body

    The body of your essay is the essential area. It is in between your introduction and conclusion. It is a vital area, and the content has to be good. Divide the content of the body into different sections

    Usually, there has to be a lot of information in the body, and one mistake that students make is to write them down in a haphazard manner. Instead, the flow of information should be done systematically to prevent readers from understanding the topic. Say, for example, you are narrating an incident then, it would be best to go chronologically.

    5. Conclusion

    This is the last part of your essay. As you conclude your thoughts and ideas, make sure to use some strong sentences. The conclusion is written to wrap up the entire writing; you can include some moral quotes as you write it. Make sure to complete the essay with a stunning conclusion that will leave no threads behind.

    6. Add Some Finishing Touch

    After writing the conclusion, you might think that your work is done but do not forget to pay attention to minute details at the end. Check the paragraph order; the most vital points should be at the beginning of each section. Review what you have written, check your essay one last time to omit any grammatical or spelling errors.

    Give an attractive and interesting title to your essay; keep it short. Do not include any unnecessary and complicated work. Always write a rough draft before beginning your essay. This will help you maintain the flow of ideas in the final writing.

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    Someshwar Kumbhar

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