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    India is the largest exporter of basmati rice in the world. India accounts for 77% of the global basmati rice trade, exporting to more than 100 countries. Exports of Basmati rice from India have risen almost seven-fold in the last two decades and witnessed rapid growth in the ASEAN region.

    The Indian government has also granted the Geographical Indication (GI) tag to basmati rice, protecting its exclusivity in the international market.

    Saudi Arabia imported basmati rice from India. Saudi Arabia’s total imports for the last month were worth 24.4 USD million and total imports for the year were worth 24.4 USD million. The top Indian ports for exporting basmati rice to Saudi Arabia are TUGHLAKABAD (INTKD), JNPT, MUNDRA, NHAVA SHEVA SEA, CHENNAI SEA.

    India has a share of 0.82% in terms of value in the import of basmati rice in Saudi Arabia which stood at 2,973,300 USD during 2018

    Saudi Arabia imported Indian basmati rice worth 2,973,300 USD in 2018 which increased by 19.1% as compared to the previous year’s imports which were valued at 2,484,700 USD.

    Saudi Arabia Basmati Rice Import Data

    Saudi Arabia imported basmati rice worth USD 2.60 billion in 2018, which is 5.62% of the total exports of basmati rice from India.

    The value of Indian basmati rice exports to Saudi Arabia has been increasing at an annualized rate of 12.15%, from $1.84 billion in 2014 to $2.60 billion in 2018.

    Saudi Arabia is the top importer of Indian basmati rice from India, accounting for 16.3% of exports, followed by Iraq and the United Arab Emirates which account for 15.6% and 13.4% of exports respectively.

    The major ports for the Indian basmati rice export trade are JNPT, Kolkata Sea, Delhi Air, Mundra, Chennai Sea, and Bangalore ICD which together account for 99.6% of total exports to Saudi Arabia.

    Basmati Rice Export Industry in India

    The Basmati rice export industry in India is a very viable business opportunity. After all, Basmati rice has been traded as a commodity in India for hundreds of years. Basmati rice is a very profitable export product that has huge potential in the global market.

    Basmati is exported to many countries including the USA, UK, Canada, and Middle East Countries. Exports of basmati are currently around US $ 600 million per annum, out of which exports to the US account for about US$100 million per annum. In fact, India’s basmati rice exports have been growing at a rate of about 15% each year since 1991, when it first entered the US market.

    The export trend shows an upward movement over the years despite fluctuations due to various reasons like pest attacks, floods and so on.

    The major markets for Indian rice exports are the Middle East and African countries (about 70%) followed by Europe (10%) and North America (7%).

    Basmati rice is considered one of the best quality rice in the world because of its long slender grain and excellent cooking, aroma, and taste characteristics. It is also highly preferred by consumers because it contains less starch than other types of rice, which leads to lower calorie content when cooked.

    Which Type Of Rice Does Saudi Arabia Import From India?

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest consumer of rice in the GCC region and one of the top importers of rice in the world. The country imports more than two million metric tonnes of rice annually, with India as its biggest source.

    Despite domestic production of about 30,000 MT per year, Saudi Arabia must import nearly all of its food to meet domestic consumption requirements. In 2015 Saudi Arabia imported 7.5 million MT of wheat and 3.5 million MT of coarse grains to fulfill domestic food demand.

    An estimated $27 billion is spent on food imports annually and the country is ranked fourth in global food imports by value.

    The Saudi government has invested billions of dollars to promote domestic agricultural production but continues to import large quantities of food products in order to meet local demand.

    The government has recently decided to make some cuts in subsidies for farmers and at the same time reduce customs duty on a number of agricultural commodities to keep prices low for consumers while also incentivizing local producers by providing protection from cheaper food imports from other countries.

    Saudi Arabia’s largest source for rice imports in India, which exports nearly 600,000 MT annually, followed by Thailand (500,000 MT), Pakistan (400,000 MT), Vietnam (330,000 MT), and United

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