How Much Time a does Backlink take To Show Results in SEO?

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    We all want quick results, don’t we? But does SEO work according to our wishes, or does it require a solid, full-proof PLAN? It’s almost a standard question amongst all SEO clients: how quickly can I see my website on the top of the SERP from link-building efforts?

    Realistically, it can take up to 3-12 months to see the changes. However, a couple of factors can directly influence the speed of the impact of link building.

    Today, we’ll cover everything about this topic.

    Topic to Discuss

    • What is Link Building?
    • What We Don’t Know About Link Building?
    • What Are The Link Building Factors?
    • What Factors Influence The Effectiveness Of Link Building?

    Without further ado, let’s start!

    What Is Link Building?

    Link Building is the process of getting inbound links to your site from other trustworthy websites. It is also one of Google’s key ranking factors. Every link coming from another website is a BACKLINK.

    The backlinks tell Google that your website is relevant to theirs and put you in Google’s good books. The more backlink your site has, the more authority your site has. Also, you get more value from Google.

    What Do We Not Know About Link Building?

    Google loves to keep things mysterious! For instance, no one knows the exact formula or the algorithms that rank a particular website. There’s a lot to be found about link building, and experts can’t really say how long it will take for a backlink to boost a website’s rank.

    Moreover, there are over 200 Google ranking factors. So, it’s quite hard to award backlinks for the boost in any website’s rank. The change could be very much possible for the other 199 reasons.

    What Are The Link-Building Factors?

    Irrespective of everything said we want to do everything on our part to accelerate the impact of backlinking. So, here are the various factors that you must pay attention to:

    • Relevancy: Look out for relevant backlinks to your website. If links are not relevant, Google will not value them. You could get a thousand backlinks, but they won’t be helpful if they aren’t relevant to your site.
    • Quality: Quality Backlinks are the ones that come from websites with a high DA (Domain Authority). Google loves them! Moreover, if you get a quality backlink, Google will transfer some of its authority to you.
    • Velocity: Link Velocity is the rate at which you build the backlinks. You’ll see quick results if you get a lot of backlinks in a short time. For instance, viral contents increase the link velocity.
    • Anchor Text: Anchor text is the visible words on a particular link. If the anchor text is in a partial or exact match with your target keyword, it will improve your backlink’s quality. However, don’t go overboard!
    • Sitemaps: Sitemaps help Google understand your site’s structure. The sites with no sitemaps get less crawled than those with sitemaps which further delays the results from link-building. So make sure to include one!

    What Factors Influence The Effectiveness Of Link Building?

    Thankfully some factors can act as a catalyst for the link-building process.

    5 Crucial Factors That Impact the Effectiveness of Link Building

    1. Site Authority

    Domain Ranking is a parameter that shows how many backlinks a website has received from a trustworthy source. The higher the DR, the higher trust score the website receives.

    The sites with a higher DR can see faster results. But it also depends on the niche. The DR score shouldn’t be less than 30 for B2C and less than 60 for B2B companies.

    1. Traffic Trends

    A positive traffic trend speeds up the link-building process, and negative traffic slows it down. Google tracks the chart flow and gives preference to those with a stable traffic growth trend.

    1. Brand Popularity

    As said above, one of the main factors that come into play is whether or not your site is getting the link from an authoritative site. You can check the score of branded traffic to figure that out.

    1. Page Types

    Google crawl or search gives an upper hand to content pages. The links built to content pages fetch more positive results than those linked to commercial pages.

    1. Level of Competition

    If you come from a B2C business, link building is a great way to boost ranks. However, things can get a little competitive if you come from a B2B. As the competition in the latter is much more, relying on Link Building for the entire growth of your website is not enough.


    No matter what you do, link building is a long-term process and requires patience to see the results. Honestly, everyone could have fetched the results if it were that easy. If you are running short on time, skill and resources, Estée Web Solutions can help you boost the process.

    As a renowned web design company in the UK, the professionals will employ smart methods and strategies to see your site’s rank increase gradually but steadily.

    Someshwar Kumbhar

    Someshwar Kumbhar

    My name is Someshwar Kumbhar, and I hold a M.C.A. degree from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. With a strong passion for digital marketing, I have been actively involved in the field of SEO since 2018. Currently, I serve as a senior SEO analyst at, where I oversee various aspects of the website, including content creation, on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Additionally, I contribute articles related to the internet, technology, and gaming, offering valuable insights to the readers.

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