Mistakes You Need to Avoid with Your Trade Show Displays

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    Mastering how to put up an attractive trade show display doesn’t happen overnight. Usually, people putting up the best trade show displays are people who have already set up many booths previously. When it comes to these displays, there is a lot that you need to learn. Even if you prepare yourself beforehand, there is a chance that you will make some mistakes.

    So, here we will share some of the top mistakes that you need to avoid when you plan on setting using popup displays for a trade show or some other event.

    1. Underinformed or uninformed Staff

    If there is a big mistake that many organizations continue making it populating their booths at trade shows with people who cannot actually tell the potential customers about the offerings.

    At times, they are unable to say anything due to the internal restrictions on the things that can be discussed. But at other times they are just uninformed. No matter what is the reason, it reflects poorly on the organization.

    You should not forget that these people are your medium to interact with people. They should be able to talk with people at length about the service or product you are offering.

    Moreover, there is a problem with how trade shows are giving up on booth babes since many people are objecting to them for various reasons. Your trade show staff should have real knowledge about the company and products. They should be a good spokesperson and talk about what you have displayed. They should not seem unprepared.

    2. No Message

    An efficient and effective display like a step and repeat backdrop or pop-up display doesn’t simply exist for its own sake. Surely, having a display at your booth is better than having nothing but a really successful trade show display will go beyond that. They showcase a message beyond ‘please buy from us’. Thus, they are able to connect with the visitors.

    It is just like ad campaign, and crafting and you should try having a bigger vision for your trade show display. Highlight the green awareness or just tell your audience about how you are integrating your services or products with modern technology. To add more content to the booth, you can use art design.

    In present times, visitors require more reason to go to a trade show and talk to the staff. There are various things that are competing for the attention of the onlookers. Hence, a clear message will give your potential customers to stop and have a chat.

    3. Fewer Supplies

    This is one of the biggest mistakes that companies tend to make with their custom step and repeat backdrop with as many backups as possible. You shouldn’t allow your trade booth to get ruined by a major mishap like a ripped sign. Keep a trade show emergency kit that contains basic tools, such as light bulbs, tape, power strips, and extension cords. Also, keep some standard office supplies. All these are going to help you with quick fixes on the accessories or booth when a problem arises.

    Likewise, regardless of how many promotional items you think you are going to need- from pens or brochures-bring some more. Surely, you don’t want to get caught empty-handed when your customers approach you. 4

    4. Slow Follow-Up

    Another mistake that organizations often make in a trade show is not making contacts with all new leads you have made immediately. You should do it as soon as possible. In case you have the energy, you should start sending out emails the evening you are wrapping up the trade show. Make sure you do not wait over 24-48 hours in any case.

    Remember, you need these leads because they justify the trade show displays in the first place. Your sales team should always have new people to reach out to. However, the outreach should start with you. Communicate with a personal email, phone call, or social media to remind them of your company.

    Someshwar Kumbhar

    Someshwar Kumbhar

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